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Science Observation

'Open ceremony of Science Observation with chief guest,Mr.Hari Shankar Shukla and Mr.Gaurav Shukla............'

Science Observation

'The Principal, Ms.Usha Shukla, in her welcome address emphasized the need to promote performing art and science as a powerful medium of social reformation.'

College Events

'In Collage event 2013 small student performance saraswati vandana,these student works hard to performe this act.'


'In the Evolution of Woman it has been shown that the peculiar inheritance of the two sexes, female and male, is the result of the bias given to these separate lines of development during the earliest periods of sex-differentiation; and, as this division of labor was a necessary step in the evolutionary processes, the rate of progress depended outdent-caply on the subsequent adjustment of these two primary elements or forces. A comprehensive study of prehistoric records shows that in an earlier a'